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Aiming For The Light

Updated: Jun 29, 2020

Hello again. Goodness knows how you are all coping individually. I must confess to having had many dark days recently. Much sadness as I find ways to cope with my own grief and rising concern about the situation we find ourselves in. I hope as a society we don’t become joyless and paranoid. A society where everyone is forcibly streamlined into thinking the same way wouldn’t be a good one. It’s hard not to feel the weight of social media also. I must also say, to my disappointment that I have noticed the withdrawal of support (musically) from certain individuals that I never expected. It's now, more than ever, that i've needed support and encouragement for my music. It’s the lack of engagement that tells you something has changed. Even I have to learn that things don't always remain the same. I think in general, it is a period for all of us, to question everything and everyone in our lives. The ones there from the start will always be there at the end with you. If they are meant to be there. In the midst of all this madness, I hope that you are all doing well and keeping healthy in your own way.

First wee bit of news, there is now an online shop been added to the website, so that should hopefully make it easier for anyone looking to purchase a CD. I can’t tell you how much CD sales are a godsend in the current ‘no gig’ era! Although, many of you may have the CD others will not. The material for album number 2 is there. I’m determined to make it a reality once all restrictions are lifted.

I’ll be honest, as things seem permanently on pause, the musical journey for now seems very akin to pushing water uphill with a fork. It’s very difficult to predict when performing live will happen again for many of us. For weddings, it’s hard to imagine just exactly when people can experience the joy of a wedding again. On the upside it was nice to dip into the archives and find a recording that had only ever had a private airing. ‘The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face’ was the song and your lovely responses cheered and inspired me. The song found it’s way to Rick Stuart thanks to a chap called Andy Logan and he played it on his ‘Roots & Fusion’ Radio show. It was also nice to recently try an online collaboration with singer songwriter/ guitarist Ronnie Miller. The song we did was a cover of the Joan Baez song ‘A Song For David’. Thank god for those with the technical skills! Stephen Thomson did an excellent job with the video.

Always at the back of my mind is my wee mum. It’s been four months only and still raw. However, I can only smile when I think of her playing and sharing my recordings on her phone via her hospital bed. Then telling me about it when I would visit her. Best PR you can get, I tell thee! I’m not a wealthy and famous singer. Quite the opposite really. However I feel rich because my mum was proud of me. It’s for this reason that I will try to keep going with it where I can. In a matter of days she would have been turning 70. That day is going to hurt. Big time.

The next thing coming up will be another collaboration video of an original song this time. That will be coming soon. In the meantime thanks for reading and take good care of yourselves. Please do consider subscribing and joining the mailing list. It’s not a bad place to be 😉

Pauline X

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