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Session Singer

Pauline Alexander is a Glasgow based singer who is available for session recordings and can bring her unique voice to your recordings.  Whether it's lead vocals, backing vocals or harmonies - Pauline has had experience of them all and will offer her complete commitment to your project.

Pauline is a mezzo soprano / soprano who has a hauntingly pure warmth to her vocals.  For comparative direction you may think on singers such as Eva Cassidy and Sandy Denny.

Preparation is a key component of Pauline's work ethic making herself familiar with your song, melody and lyrics well in advance of the recording day. 


As studio time is precious, you can also be safe in the confidence that you will have an accurate first take from the very beginning of your studio recording session.  This gives you the flexibility to spend more time with the extra flourishes of your song rather than the basics. 

Working with Pauline should be an enjoyable experience that almost feels effortless with her easy going manner and professional dedication to your song. 


Finally, you should have a product that you are utterly delighted with.

"Pauline is well known for having the voice of a celtic angel which a great many people like myself have come to enjoy so much, particularly at her performances. Her warm audience friendly quality is an ideal match for her all round professionalism in every aspect of her musical career. Having used Pauline on a number of sessions it’s been clear that she arrives well prepared and has taken time to rehearse any pre session information provided. In the studio she is a joy to work with, accommodating and always willing to go the extra mile."

Ron Lindsay - Singer/Songwriter



" I'm extremely happy with the quality of the vocals…  I really can't believe you managed to churn out such a pure and polished sound in only 2 hours!

Having just listened carefully again to your efforts on this track I'd like to reiterate what a great job you did and think the purity in your voice is exactly what this track needed"

Daniel Prosser - Singer/Songwriter

"I asked Pauline to sing one of the songs on my album. She has a fantastic voice, is very professional and was a pleasure to work with. I'd highly recommend her and, should I make a second album, would definitely consider working with her again".

Shane Hurley - Songwriter


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