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Thoughts For The Masses is the 9 track debut album from Pauline Alexander.  Twice awarded album of the week, first on Iain Anderson's BBC Radio Scotland Show and secondly on the Brian Player Folk And Acoustic Radio Show.


With a run time of just under 38 minutes, Thoughts For The Masses has a blend of songs that gently flow through the track list leaving you wanting to press the play button once more when its all over.  Dear Sister and Broken Youth are two of the self penned tracks and Where Lucifer Lingers is another recurring favourite. 


For those that are new to Pauline Alexander, discover her incredibly pure and enchantingly easy on the ear vocals and buy yourself a copy of the album today.  And if you already have one, consider gifting a copy for a friend.  


Thoughts For The Masses

  • Physical CD - Thoughts For The Masses - Pauline Alexander

    Track Listing - Runtime 37 Minutes 39 Seconds


    Where Lucifer Lingers


    02      Dear Sister 3:58
    03      Imagine 4:38
    04      Sunday Night 4:15
    05      Broken Youth 3:57
    06      The Calling 4:02
    07      Seven Notes 4:19
    08 Farewell My Heart 4:02
    09 Fields Of Gold


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