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Pauline Alexander & Sandy Stanage

"A great pleasure to welcome Pauline back to Falkirk Folk Club for the third time. Pauline's voice is stunning and wonderfully natural.  The pairing with the exquisite guitar work of Sandy Stanage brings a whole new dimension to Pauline's reprertoire. The combination works perfectly. Nothing short of mastery."

Falkirk Folk Club - Stuart Miller

"the audience loved Pauline's glorious voice enhanced by the instrumental excellence and sensitive guitar accompaniment from Sandy."

Glenfarg Folk Club - Mike Dow

"If you ask Pauline Alexander what type of songs she sings, she says ‘good songs’. I like that.  Too often in the folk scene we get hung up about whether a song is in the tradition or not.  By being thoroughly eclectic in her choice of material, Pauline has selected a wonderful range of material from different genres.  And of course, what a voice.  You can hear every note in her vocal purity.  And Sandy Stanage on guitar?  Simply stunning.  He adapts his playing for every song, a sign of a true musical maestro.

If you have never had this duo before you should definitely book them."

Craigie Folk Club - Dave Dewar

Fatea Review - Pauline Alexander & Sandy Stanage

The Globe - Glossop - 30th March 2017

Ian Cripps

Review link here

"Last night at The Globe was indeed spellbinding as Pauline Alexander, a Glaswegian lass possessed of a singing voice as pure and clear as a trickling burn, delighted and entertained in a fashion that was pure magic.

Pauline, making her fourth return to Glossop, brought with her a new partner, Sandy Stanage (Kentigern, Molendinar) who offered accompaniment on acoustic guitar.

Switching between banter in a soft and sometimes quite honestly difficult to decipher Scottish accent, (at least for this Derbyshire lad) to the incredibly sweet and clear voice when singing was a marvel. A light switch with no dimmer, either off or on.

On, she tackles the songs by the much loved and renowned Scot Dougie MacLean, ("Down Too Deep") as if she is living them, owning them in fact. You feel it is her dreams that are put on hold when obligations and expectations take priority, love takes a backstep.

She breathes emotive life into Canadian Stan Rogers's "Song of The Candle" (an artist who emerged on to my radar when Swill from The Men They Couldn't Hang added "Barrett Privateers" to their set lists). It's moving stuff.

You can't fault the choice of material, yet as good as it is the execution is truly exceptional.

In these times of division, common ground is sought, Sting's plea's in "Russians" "There's no monopoly on common sense / On either side of the political fence" is as appropriate today as it was at the time, the hopes going forward are the "Russians love their children too". A brave choice of song to cover, as is Dire Straits "Brothers in Arms". Yet it gives Stanage the opportunity to show what a talented musician he is, all throughout his playing is understated to the point of perfection, every single note counts and it is impossible not to warm to his stage persona too.

Alongside such songwriters, you could be forgiven for expecting less from original material, especially when it is claimed that one such song was written in the advertising break during "Coronation Street"! No so. The tracks from her debut album "Thoughts for The Masses" are of the highest quality offering insights into difficult subjects such as mental health, isolation and psychiatric hospitals (Where Lucifer Lingers) of abuse and family life and the view from those who care (Dear Sister). Coupled with the deeply dark "Seven Notes" which evokes visions of June Tabor's singing with the Oysterband.

Then, is if to test herself she launches into renditions of Sandy Denny's "Late November" and Mike Silver's "Where Would You Rather Be Tonight".

And when you think it can't get any better - it does. The encore, Joni Mitchell's "For Free" a song about a singer who has made it. Who travels in Limousines, with minders for the concert tour, who spots an artist on the street corner playing to the passers-by for free "Nobody stopped to hear him, though he played so sweet and high, they knew he had never been on their TV, so they passed his music by".

Pauline Alexander and Sandy Stanage are not on your TV, they are not that well known, they are however one of the best acts on the current folk circuit I've seen this year. Please don't "Pass Them By".

Support on the night was from Chris Neale, a folk singer in the Mike Harding vein, his tale about the brass band on the bus round the pubs was both entertaining and risqué. Chris brought along his daughter Isobel Flora who was possessed with a fine voice and Sam Baxter, a violinist who's studying music at University.

All in all, a cracking night, a credit to organiser Jamie Knowles and the team at the Globe.

Pauline Alexander

"... her voice is quite de luxe ! Never miss an opportunity of hearing her !"

Iain Anderson - Iain Anderson Show - BBC Radio Scotland

"Pauline Alexander has a beautiful modern Scottish folk voice, reminiscent of Sandy Denny."

Rumer - Singer / Songwriter

"A fine young singer from Glasgow, with a very distinctive voice and songwriting style...a very talented young woman" Colum Sands - Folk Club - BBC Radio Ulster

"Pauline is surely one of the finest voices to have emerged in the Scottish folk scene in recent times.  Her eclectic repertoire, fine presentation, with tasty guitar accompaniment by Edwin, earned the pair a standing ovation at the Edinburgh Fringe."

Paddy - Wee Folk Club

"At last we have in PAULINE ALEXANDER a singer who has the courage, humility and spiritual intelligence to set her voice free, so that we too can fly with it as it soars into realms of infinite beauty and transcendental power. Prepare to be truly amazed when you hear this unforgettable and incomparable voice. It was an honour and sheer joy to share the stage with her."

Shelagh McDonald - Folk Singer & Musician

"Pauline Alexander was outstanding at the globe, best act at the globe 2013. and that takes some doing."

Jamie Knowles - Glossop Violins Concerts Folk Club

"Having heard a short demo, I delayed printing the brochure for this year's Arran Folk Festival in order to secure the late addition of Pauline Alexander on to the programme. Her live performance was simply stunning and was without doubt THE voice of this year's Festival"

Jon Hollingworth - Arran Folk Festival - Arran Events

“I heard Pauline sing on a show on a Celtic Music Radio broadcast from Scotland .. I did not know her name at the time .. but I did know instantly that I had to find out who she was and where I could get her music… I was astounded by the purity of her voice on a ‘ live ‘ recording, She has been compared to many great singer / songwriters .. but .. there is only one Pauline Alexander. She is now a regular on my show and on our Station playlist on Blues and Roots Radio here in Canada “

Stevie Connor Owner of Blues and Roots Radio and host of ‘Wee Dan’s Hoose‘ Radio show on Blues and Roots Radio

"Pauline Alexander is a breath of fresh air, her music captivates and involves the listeners with a voice that's as clear as the mountain stream, and is delivered with sincerity and a passion that leaves you wanting more."

Terry Ferdinand - BishopFM

"Not every singer can take classics like 'Imagine' and 'Fields of Gold' and still lend something of their own identity to them, but Pauline does this with ease. She has that rare ability to really 'live' the lyrics she is singing and bring songs alive with her pure, emotionally-charged voice that evokes the ghosts of Eva Cassidy and Karen Carpenter to name but a few...On the strength of this debut offering, it must be concluded that Pauline Alexander is indeed a voice, and a force to be reckoned with."

Ciaran Dorris - The Sunday Session - Celtic Music Radio

"Pauline's interpretation of the song and her version of Lennon's "Imagine", are far more than straight covers. As with the rest of the material on the album, Pauline's voice captivates the listener. Using simple arrangements with mainly guitar and keyboard, the music is almost understated, allowing the voice to take prominence."

Pete Townsend - Reviewer - Cross Rhythms

"Gentle, comforting, and soothing, like listening to the voice of an Angel guiding you home, that's the impression I get when listening to gifted singer Pauline Alexander."

Stewart Brennan – World United Music

"Pauline Alexander's voice is a pure joy, complimenting her songs perfectly..."

Rick Stuart - Roots and Fusion - Pure Radio 107.8FM

"One album that I would thoroughly recommend is 'Thoughts for the Masses' from Glaswegian singer/songwriter Pauline Alexander. This album is her debut and it can only be described as an absolute gem. There are some hauntingly beautiful tracks on the album but for me her cover of 'Fields of Gold' and her own compositions' Where Lucifer Lingers' and Seven Notes' all stand out In a day when every artiste is labelled in a box called 'sounds like' inevitable comparisons will be made with the likes of Eva Cassidy and Katie Melua however alongside these artistes there is no doubt that Pauline has a voice to rival even theirs. The album is an independent release just now but it only a matter of time before Pauline is picked up by a major label and becomes a household name in her own right."

Ian Arbuckle - Revival Releases - Revival FM

Pauline Alexander is a wonderful singer, songwriter and musician from Glasgow whom I was just blown away by the very first time I heard her perform. She possess a truly beautiful voice and her songs are beautiful, sometimes a haunting lament, sometimes uplifting songs of joy but always inspiring and moving. Pauline has been rated by and her debut album "Thoughts for the masses" has been critically well received by BBC Scotland, Celtic Connections and myself!

Jamie McGeechan (aka Little Fire) - Event Organiser / Musician

Pauline Alexander & Edwin Gallacher

"Pauline Alexander, what a voice.  Immaculate choice of songs, sensitive arrangments (with Edwin on guitar) and an absolute affinity with the audience.  All that and an exceptional songwriter as well ... As festival organiser I am often subjected to unsolicited but welcome feedback and Pauline topped a number of People's favourite artist poll.  And the opposition wasn't bad!"

Donald MacNeill - Ceol Cholasa Festival Director / Organiser

"We were most impressed with the performance of singer Pauline Alexander and guitarist Edwin Gallacher.  A very special voice with some superb guitar accompaniment delighted our audience.  It is refreshing to listen to a singer whose passion is to perform a good song, no matter what the genre.  She sensibly mixed her set with some lovely self-penned material and well known songs.  This duo deserve to go far in the music scene."

Dave and Lorna Dewar - Music at Craigie Folk Club

"Pauline has a wonderful voice and sings beautiful songs and Ed, the guitarist is amazing, they compliment each other so well"

"Pauline and Ed are fantastic, where did you find them, a great addition to the festival, well done for booking them" 

Festival Attendees - Alcester Folk Festival

"Pauline and Edwin came to us at very short notice as we had a cancellation. Never have we been so glad of the panic trying to find another act at the last minute.  Pauline was an absolute delight to listen to, such a lovely voice, wide repertoire and good craic whilst Edwin's guitar playing was fantastic and they went so well together.  We look forward to a return visit in the next year when we can give them more publicity and so the audience they truly deserve."

Marianne - Leith Folk Club

"Pauline Alexander performed, along with her guitarist Edwin Gallacher, on a warm sunny morning at the 2013 Ayr Flower Show.  Her voice floated through the beautiful parkland and soothed like honey. Pauline is a wonderful talent hailing from Glasgow with one of the most beautiful voices in Scotland. Having performed at Celtic Connections, recently at Third Degree Burns at the Robert Burns Birthplace Museum, Pauline gains fans and admirers wherever she goes."

Lizzie Linton - Ayr Flower Show Entertainments

"Pauline has a beautiful voice that truly comes from her soul. Her melodic harmonies are complemented perfectly by the subtly played guitar from Edwin. A pleasure to listen to."

Rachel Mays - Innerleithen Music Festival