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Thanks for taking the time to book Pauline Alexander and Sandy Stanage.  We have provided some tools below to make your job easier as a promoter.  Don't worry if you still need to get in contact if you need anything else.  We are happy to help.

Short Bio

Pauline Alexander & Sandy Stanage are a fine duo who bring some of the finest vocals and fingerstyle guitar from Scotland.  Bringing together a mix of genres from contemporary to folk & blues, their music is a blend of original material and interpretations and arrangements of songs from the likes of Stan Rogers, Mike Silver, Dougie MacLean and Sandy Denny.  Everything is seamless in its execution for an easy on the ear experience.  

Pauline has been a former Iain Anderson album of the week on his BBC Radio Scotland Show, nominated for an Isambard Folk Award and supported Rumer, Dougie MacLean and Shelagh McDonald.  Sandy Stanage has been a founding member of well remembered folk bands such as Kentigern [Topic Records], Scotland Yard and Molendinar and also performs with Sylvia Banres and Fiona Forbes.  He is widely regarded as one of Scotland's finest guitarists. 


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Stage Plan

For Pauline Alexander & Sandy Stanage, we would need 1 vocal mic for the singer for vocals, 1 vocal mic for the guitarist for speaking and a DI box input.  Each performer will require a chair and a table each for water.

Poster Templates

Poster templates for Pauline Alexander & Sandy Stanage.  Available in either A3 or A4 and om SVG, PDF or Cairo PNG format.


2017.04.02 - Pauline Alexander & Sandy Stanage - Poster Template - A3.png

2017.04.02 - Pauline Alexander & Sandy Stanage Poster Template - A3 - Pauline Alexander & Sandy Stanage.pdf