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This section is intended as a quick resource to information and images of Pauline Alexander.

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Twelve Things About Pauline & Edwin

1. Pauline has never met her original songwriting partner Jonathan Rowland.  They found each other through a now defunct music website called Singers UK.

2. Happy songs are something Pauline intends to write - but the morose ones seem far more interesting and real.

3.  A former bandmate made a call to Pauline saying how great he was when Edwin was heard playing guitar in a music shop he was jamming in.  Waxing lyrically about his guitar prowess Pauline had to remind him that she was already working with someone.  The week after her guitarist at the time relocated north leaving her without an accompanist.  Edwin joined and played his first live gig at Glasgow St Patrick's Festival 6 weeks later.

4.  Edwin is a huge fan of Tommy Emmanuel who has signed Edwin's Maton guitar.

5.  Local and regional radio has played a huge part in the airplay of their music.  The first radio programme to play Pauline's music was Bob Birch's Radio Show on Venture Radio followed by Celtic Music Radio on Andrew Quinn's show. Ciaran Dorris' show was Pauline's first radio appearance too.

6. Pauline and Edwin's debut TV performance was on STV Glasgow's Riverside Show.

7. The first song Pauline wrote was Dear Sister which was written during a commercial break of a long running soap opera.  The video to which was aired in 2013 on The Phil Mack Country Show on Showcase TV.  

8. Most of her early musical heroes and influences are dead.  Leaving Pauline to believe that she might have been born in the wrong era.

9.  A Jeff Lynne autograph is her favourite possession after her parents wrote to Jet Records to say how much she liked his music. 

10.  Although not a vegetarian, Pauline enjoys a lot of vegetarian food.

11. Despite her calm demeanour on stage, Pauline often indulges in lettuce and camomile tea for their relaxing properties.  She is a great believer that what you eat and drink can be beneficial or detrimental to your health.

12. As well singing, Pauline's previous jobs have included being an elf, giving alcohol awareness programmes to kids in schools and safety eductaion assistant in an experiential learning centre.


Judith Durham, Eva Cassidy, Joan Beaz, Annie Lennox and Karen Carpenter.  An education from listening to the record and tape collections of her Mum and Dad in her room and being immersed in amazing music.  The range of which is too great to go into any depth here but artists such as Sam Cooke, Matt Monro and Simon & Garfunkle are a few of many artist that Pauline has much admiration for.