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Below is a collection of work that Pauline has been involved in.  It is intended as a reference for other projects that are not her own work.


Song: Fear The Night

Artist: Grand Gestures

Delving deeper into the realm of dark and unhinged for the third in the series of Grand Gestures albums titled Third.  

Track Available To Listen Here


Song: A Whisper Of Sayonara

Artist: Grand Gestures

A one track collaboration with electronica mixing some vintage synth sounds as well as the lyrics and vocals of Pauline Alexander.  An album of collaborative works with a number of high profile artists is to be released in October.  More info to be announced later. 

Track Available To Listen Here


Song: A Time To Dance

Artist: Ciaran Dorris


Pauline provided backing vocal and harmonies for Ciaran Dorris', 'A Time To Dance'.

A fine song from a masterful singer songwriter.


Album: Looking Out Backwards

Artist: Paul Eldrige


Listen Here: Listen

Pauline provided vocal harmonies for 'This World Is Wonderful', 'Dream On', 'High Tide', 'Orchards' & 'Dream Stained Pillow'.

Highly recommended listening.

Grand Gestures Third.png

A Whisper Of Sayonara

Ciaran dorris Image

Looking Out Backwards - Paul Eldridge - Album Image.png